Monthly Archives: January 2008

Best demolition of IPCC case on Climate

Dr Bob Carter, a geologist and paleontologist at James Cook and Adelaide Universities writes clear economical prose, provides good illustrations and extensive citations.

US Presidential Candidates’ trade policies

The Eyes on Trade blog summarizes remarks on trade policy by the economic advisors to Clinton, Obama and McCain. There has been little attention given to trade policies in the campaign so far. It’s clear that one of the Candidates has a more populist — less liberal — approach than others.

Trade agreements out of reach

The text of my Opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review earlier this month.

[Trade Minister] Simon Crean could be forgiven for feeling uneasy as he prepares to dive into the Trade portfolio. If you stand at the end of the plank and look down, you can just about see the bottom of the barrel and the well that filled it is running dry.

Climate Debate Daily

Dennis Dutton does it again with a new site that logs current contributions from both sides of the debate on human-forcing of global warming. Enormously good value.

Cultural notes


p>The Atlantic opens the doors as The Bulletin closes them.