Monthly Archives: February 2008

WTO agriculture proposals probably fall short of substantial improvements

After six years of negotiation, the latest compromise from the Chair of the negotiating group is a complex package whose main strengths are that it includes ‘across the board’ cuts in bound rates of duty on agricultural imports and an effective elimination of export subsidies. Still, border barriers are so high that these cuts look unlikely to bring about the ‘substantial improvements in market access’ governments proposed in 2001 and the proposal even takes some backward steps. The breadth of exceptions it includes, especially for developing countries, suggests it will not help the poorest countries. It will probably make no difference to planned production support levels in the USA and EC.

World Climate Report

Lower-atmosphere temperatures have not increased in 7 years and 2008 has started with a cooling trend

IMF Data Mapper

Click to see a larger imageTrade data sets are large and often difficult to interpret. Simplifying the data and showing policy-relevant relationships is important. The new IMF Data Mapper is a brilliant new on-line tool for doing just that

Click the thumbnail image to see an example map.