Monthly Archives: March 2008

Statistical analysis of Rhamstorf et al

David Stockwell of Niche Modeling provides a technical assessment of the Rahmstorf et. al. paper that Ross Garnaut’s Review relies on. He suggests that the Rahmstorf et. al. may have ‘padded’ the end of their data series to make their trend analysis more plausible.

Symposium: Future of the Multilateral Trade System

Monday, 7 April 2008 at the Center for Public Policy at the University of Melbourne. The team of analytical ‘heavy-hitters’—I’m sure they love being called that—who served on the Warwick Commission will conduct a full-day symposium on why WTO is in such a mess (or not). I’ll be speaking, too, on ‘critical mass’ agreements and whether they’ll lead an explosionin the WTO. Please come…Program over the fold.

Two reasons for caution in climate mitigation

click for larger imageI can see two reasons for caution about the dramatic action on climate change advocated by the Garnaut Review. First, statistical analysis of temperature trends contradicts claims (from the Review among others) that increases over the last decade are “on track” to meet or exceed IPCC projections. Second, the CO2-linked theories of climate change lack basic plausibility and recent observations (update: challenged) have failed to find a ‘characteristic’ atmospheric effect predicted by the CO2 models.