Monthly Archives: April 2008

Obama would have opposed NAFTA, CAFTA and China’s membership of WTO

Analysts who criticized Obama’s trade policies as protectionist and silly were themselves attacked for taking mere campaign rhetoric too seriously. Jagdish Bhagwati in the FT offered five reasons to be reassured about Obama’s trade credentials. But it’s impossible to be sanguine about the remarks in this speech to the AFL-CIO in Pennsylvania. If he means them we should be worried by his bizarre, conspiratorial view of United States trade policies. If he says these things but doesn’t believe them then we can be no less worried (about the credibility of his platform).

Solar-cycle link to cloud cover questioned

British scientists publishing this week in the Institute of Physics journal Environmental Research Letters cast doubt on the validity of a link between ionizing cosmic-ray radiation and low-level cloud cover. This is one of the mechanisms proposed for a solar-cyle link to climate variation. The paper is available here