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Memoir of Keynes

GrantKeynes.gifAmusing, anecdotal, accurate short memorial of the great man, now again in the news (the portrait of Keynes at work by his one-time lover, Duncan Grant).

A modest proposal for the ‘G-20’ summit


The IMF’s Managing Director should not try to talk down expectations for next weekend’s summit. We deserve much more from these leaders that, so far, have done little to match their promises of reform of global governance over the past decade.

The G-20’s role should be to set up the best conditions for a recovery in real markets, not just in financial markets. But, on their past behavior, it is likely they’ll re-cycle yet another low-credibility statement about completing the noxious Doha deal that was on the table last July.

A more modest program to open world markets that is not burdened with the second-thoughts, exceptions and safeguards would do much more to lift global market confidence if it could be quickly implemented. Here’s a blast-from-the-past idea that could also set up a still more effective resumption of Doha when the new U.S. administration (and the new EC Commission and Indian Government) is ready to deal

Things that don’t change

“By tapping Rahm Emanuel, a fierce partisan of Israel who volunteered as a mechanic in northern Israel during the first Gulf War, it is fair to say that process has already begun” from FP Passport

Emanuel’s father has not heard, apparently, that Obama defeated racism.