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Memoir of Keynes

GrantKeynes.gifAmus­ing, anec­do­tal, accu­rate short memo­r­i­al of the great man, now again in the news (the por­trait of Keynes at work by his one-time lover, Dun­can Grant).

A modest proposal for the ‘G-20’ summit


The IMF’s Man­ag­ing Direc­tor should not try to talk down expec­ta­tions for next weekend’s sum­mit. We deserve much more from these lead­ers that, so far, have done lit­tle to match their promis­es of reform of glob­al gov­er­nance over the past decade.

The G-20’s role should be to set up the best con­di­tions for a recov­ery in real mar­kets, not just in finan­cial mar­kets. But, on their past behav­ior, it is like­ly they’ll re-cycle yet anoth­er low-cred­i­bil­i­ty state­ment about com­plet­ing the nox­ious Doha deal that was on the table last July.

A more mod­est pro­gram to open world mar­kets that is not bur­dened with the sec­ond-thoughts, excep­tions and safe­guards would do much more to lift glob­al mar­ket con­fi­dence if it could be quick­ly imple­ment­ed. Here’s a blast-from-the-past idea that could also set up a still more effec­tive resump­tion of Doha when the new U.S. admin­is­tra­tion (and the new EC Com­mis­sion and Indi­an Gov­ern­ment) is ready to deal

Things that don’t change

By tap­ping Rahm Emanuel, a fierce par­ti­san of Israel who vol­un­teered as a mechan­ic in north­ern Israel dur­ing the first Gulf War, it is fair to say that process has already begun” from FP Pass­port

Emanuel’s father has not heard, appar­ent­ly, that Oba­ma defeat­ed racism.