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Temperatures for May in Victoria

Temperature anomalies in Victoria, May

Tem­per­a­tures in May 2009 were 0.52° C above the his­tor­i­cal aver­age.

Liberty upheld in France

Prob­a­bly not the final word on this coup by copy­right extor­tion­ists.

The French Con­sti­tu­tion­al Coun­cil has ripped into the new Créa­tion et Inter­net law which would dis­con­nect repeat online copy­right infringers, call­ing the basic premise uncon­sti­tu­tion­al. ‘Inno­cent until proven guilty’ remains a cen­tral prin­ci­ple of French law, and it can­not be bypassed sim­ply by cre­at­ing a new non­ju­di­cial author­i­ty.” Extract from Ars Tech­ni­ca

Readers pay for publishers’ protection

Joshua Gans seems to agree with me that access to low-cost Kin­dle e-books is one rea­son to get rid of the ban on com­pet­i­tive (‘par­al­lel’) import of books.

So why is it pos­si­ble for hard copies of books to move across inter­na­tion­al bor­ders but not elec­tron­ic copies? The answer is that pub­lish­ers, who have intel­lec­tu­al monop­o­lies over these works, for their own rea­sons have not done the deals to make it pos­si­ble. ” Extract from The Age

He sug­gests that pub­lish­ers could try a ‘fair trade’ pric­ing scheme for local pub­lish­ing. But they do that already.

Messages from AF447

As it fell out of the sky.

Over a time span of four min­utes, start­ing at 02:10 UTC, a series of ACARS mes­sages were sent -auto­mat­i­cal­ly- from the plane. The first mes­sage indi­cat­ed the dis­con­nec­tion of the autopi­lot fol­lowed and the air­plane went into ‘alter­nate law’ flight con­trol mode.This hap­pens when mul­ti­ple fail­ures of redun­dant sys­tems occur. From 02:11 to 02:13, mul­ti­ple faults regard­ing the Air Data Iner­tial Ref­er­ence Unit (ADIRU) and ISIS (Inte­grat­ed Stand­by Instru­ments Sys­tem) were report­ed. Then on 02:13 the sys­tem report­ed fail­ures of PRIM 1, the pri­ma­ry flight con­trol com­put­ers that receive inputs from the ADIRU and SEC 1 (sec­ondary flight con­trol com­put­ers). The last mes­sage at 02:14 was a ‘Cab­in ver­ti­cal speed’ advi­so­ry. ” Extract from Avi­a­tion Safe­ty Net