Monthly Archives: June 2009

Temperatures for May in Victoria

Temperature anomalies in Victoria, May

Temperatures in May 2009 were 0.52° C above the historical average.

Liberty upheld in France

Probably not the final word on this coup by copyright extortionists.

“The French Constitutional Council has ripped into the new Création et Internet law which would disconnect repeat online copyright infringers, calling the basic premise unconstitutional. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ remains a central principle of French law, and it cannot be bypassed simply by creating a new nonjudicial authority.” Extract from Ars Technica

Readers pay for publishers’ protection

Joshua Gans seems to agree with me that access to low-cost Kindle e-books is one reason to get rid of the ban on competitive (‘parallel’) import of books.

“So why is it possible for hard copies of books to move across international borders but not electronic copies? The answer is that publishers, who have intellectual monopolies over these works, for their own reasons have not done the deals to make it possible. ” Extract from The Age

He suggests that publishers could try a ‘fair trade’ pricing scheme for local publishing. But they do that already.

Messages from AF447

As it fell out of the sky.

“Over a time span of four minutes, starting at 02:10 UTC, a series of ACARS messages were sent -automatically- from the plane. The first message indicated the disconnection of the autopilot followed and the airplane went into ‘alternate law’ flight control mode.This happens when multiple failures of redundant systems occur. From 02:11 to 02:13, multiple faults regarding the Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) and ISIS (Integrated Standby Instruments System) were reported. Then on 02:13 the system reported failures of PRIM 1, the primary flight control computers that receive inputs from the ADIRU and SEC 1 (secondary flight control computers). The last message at 02:14 was a ‘Cabin vertical speed’ advisory. ” Extract from Aviation Safety Net