Monthly Archives: August 2010

No need, no gain, no glory

Only nine years late, we are to have a Parliamentary debate about our involvement in the Afghan conflict! What has bought our leaders to consider, at last, owning up to their duty to explain their policies which have so far killed almost twenty Australians? They felt no such need during the election, so it can […]

Academy of alarm

What does the Australian Academy of science think their role should be? To inform or to frighten? To elucidate public policy issues from a scientific viewpoint? Or to indulge themselves in scaremongering so unsupported by facts that it borders on irresponsible? Their latest climate-alarm pamphlet contains appalling rubbish, including claims that the world will warm […]

Public data from Google

Google’s Public Data ‘labs’ access and map data from sources such as the World Bank’s World Development Indicators.Great fun