Monthly Archives: December 2010

The future of longevity

While there is so little activity on trade agreements or negotiations and only promises of innovation in trade policy, I’ve been paying closer attention to other things. Demography, of course, and in this case epidemiology. It took twenty thousand centuries for life-expectancy to double. But it grew by as much again in just one century […]

Australia’s trade outlook is strong

By 2030 China, especially, dramatically increases its share of world imports of agriculture, fossil fuels and services, according to the World Bank’s modelling Note, too, the projected share of low and middle-income economies in world trade in 2030: up from a third to a half.

Micro reform is urgent

Dr Gary Banks, Chairman of the Productivity Commission (address to the Annual Forecasting Conference of the Australian Business Economists in Sydney on 8 December 2010). Emphasis added. Attempts to counter structural pressures by either hobbling the mining sector or (further) assisting manufacturing, could only detract from Australia’s longer term productivity performance and living standards. Indeed, […]