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A climate ‘bonbon’

Depressed by the gloomy alarm of Ross Garnaut’s revised cli­mate review? “Glob­al tem­per­a­tures con­tin­ue to rise around the mid­points of the range of the pro­jec­tions of the Inter­gov­ern­men­tal Pan­el on Cli­mate Change (IPCC) … It is an awful real­i­ty that no major devel­op­ments inthe sci­ence hold out real­is­tic hope that the judge­ments of the 2008 […]

Costs and benefits of CO2 abatement

Richard Toll’s paper for the 2009 Copen­hagen Cli­mate Con­sen­sus that I men­tion in my pre­vi­ous post is well worth revis­it­ing. It con­tains an excel­lent review of eco­nom­ic research on the poten­tial aggre­gate costs of the warm­ing pro­ject­ed by the U.N. Toll—who, as a UNIPCC lead author, is hard­ly a cli­mate skeptic—estimates that glob­al con­sump­tion and […]

A CO2 tax is the worst option

More than a month after her announce­ment that she intend­ed to leg­is­late a car­bon tax, Ms Gillard has yet to give us any details of her plans. The vague and con­fus­ing Min­is­te­r­i­al state­ments made while she was in Wash­ing­ton sug­gest that either this is anoth­er off-the-cuff plan for nation­al eco­nom­ic infra­struc­ture (like the NBN and […]

One thousandth of one degree

What if the cli­mate alarmists are right and the glob­al aver­age atmos­pher­ic tem­per­a­ture emerges from its cur­rent pause to climb at a sus­tained rate that is unprece­dent­edin the past cen­tu­ry and a half? Head­ed for an increase of, say, 4° cel­sius by 2001? How will the Gillard Car­bon Tax help avoid that out­come? The short […]

Temperature trends in Garnaut 2011

I remain uncon­vinced by Dr Garnaut’s argu­ments that glob­al aver­age tem­per­a­ture trends in the past decade should, if any­thing, add to a sense of alarm about man-made “green­­house-gas” emis­sions. There is much in the updat­ed review that I have not had an oppor­tu­ni­ty yet to con­sid­er. (Update: There’s a more com­pre­hen­sive cri­tique of the updat­ed […]

Would you want to live in this world?

The world that the Rudd Government’s White Paper on Cli­mate Change, and Julia Gillard but not the orig­i­nal (2008) Gar­naut Report aspired to—where CO2 emis­sions are cut rapid­ly so that atmos­pher­ic con­cen­tra­tions fall below 450 ppm—has been described by the Inter­na­tion­al Ener­gy Agency in terms that show it would be cold­er, poor­er and hun­gri­er: ” […]

Firms may ‘bank’ compensation

The MD of Rio-Tin­­to Aus­tralia this week com­plained that firms seek­ing com­pen­sa­tion for the impost of car­bon tax­es on exports are unfair­ly char­ac­terised as “rent seek­ers”. But, there is per­sua­sive evi­dence from Europe that large firms there have made wind­fall prof­its by bank­ing the com­pen­sa­tion they were offered under the EU car­bon abate­ment scheme while […]