Monthly Archives: April 2011

A great big (banana) tax

Banana prices are a ridiculous $14-15 per kg. for only one reason; the outrageous ban on imports that regularly delivers massive subsidies directly from consumers’ pockets to this tiny group of growers. Australian Banana Growers Council chief executive Jonathan Eccles told The Australian that growers were getting up to $10/kg wholesale. That, he said, was […]

An eminent economist

“After a distinguished career that has seen significant contributions to public policy formulation through more than three decades, Garnaut finds himself, at 64, more pivotal than ever. As he grapples with his responsibility it is worth observing he lacks one quality also missing in every other economist: infallibility” Extract from “A brilliant career, but certainly […]

PC to consider protection for retailers

Retailer Gerry Harvey had to eat crow earlier this year when his angry customers (and scornful competitors) trashed his campaign to eliminate the GST concession on imports purchased on-line. Now, if you read only the report in today’s Australian newspaper, it seems that the Productivity Commission may be giving comfort to Harvey’s attack on household […]