Monthly Archives: June 2011

Simply put, we will be worse off

The Prime Minister is wrong when she claims that “street market” logic demands her carbon emissions tax. She’s as wrong as she can be. The contrary is true: markets will ensure her proposal is both futile and damaging. Her error, in this case, has nothing to do with global warming at all. The reasons that […]

Hippocrene Hull

I knew where the atrabilious Philip Larkin and the transcendent Andrew Marvell (“I by the tide of Humber would complain…”) came from. But not this: “Hull It may be bottom of many league tables but Australian writer Peter Porter called it “the most poetic city in England”. Philip Larkin, Andrew Marvell, Douglas Dunn, Andrew Motion […]

That’s exactly what “partisan” means

He reads, but can he speak English? “There are probably people now thinking I’m partisan for saying the science is in on climate change. Well, I don’t think that’s partisan. I think I can read English. And I think the evidence is overwhelming. I don’t think I will be partisan. I don’t think you’re partisan […]

Julia Gillard’s report card

The prominence in this ABC Opinion Poll of words such as “disappointing” and “incompetent” must hurt. People who use the word “liar”, however, often have a pretty poor understanding of political agendas and certainly have too little respect for the dignity of the office—to use an old-fashioned term—which is something that is owed to our […]

Growth in Africa

Fewer wars, less civil strife, better control of disease and famine have made way for an economic rebound on the African continent based on the resurgence of a huge consumer market. Africa has China-scale demographics. Today, there are more than 500 million people of working age on the continent. By 2040, their number is projected […]

Fiscal arrogance

The Prime Minister’s assurance that her useless tax will bring a permanent inflation of prices may be right. But I’m astonished to see her use this as advocacy; the arrogance of this statement suggests she has lost touch with the concerns of the “battlers” her party claims to represent. “She warned that while Mr Abbott […]

End of the greenhouse panic?

It may be time to count our “greenhouse” blessings…or move to a warmer climate. if science really does guide the Gillard government on emissions abatement and justify the costs of their proposed tax, new reports suggest the need to pause and re-assess. Reports all over the web (NASA, National Geographic, point to an American […]