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Simply put, we will be worse off

The Prime Min­is­ter is wrong when she claims that “street mar­ket” log­ic demands her car­bon emis­sions tax. She’s as wrong as she can be. The con­trary is true: mar­kets will ensure her pro­pos­al is both futile and dam­ag­ing. Her error, in this case, has noth­ing to do with glob­al warm­ing at all. The rea­sons that […]

Hippocrene Hull

I knew where the atra­bil­ious Philip Larkin and the tran­scen­dent Andrew Mar­vell (“I by the tide of Hum­ber would com­plain…”) came from. But not this: “Hull It may be bot­tom of many league tables but Aus­tralian writer Peter Porter called it “the most poet­ic city in Eng­land”. Philip Larkin, Andrew Mar­vell, Dou­glas Dunn, Andrew Motion […]

That’s exactly what “partisan” means

He reads, but can he speak Eng­lish? “There are prob­a­bly peo­ple now think­ing I’m par­ti­san for say­ing the sci­ence is in on cli­mate change. Well, I don’t think that’s par­ti­san. I think I can read Eng­lish. And I think the evi­dence is over­whelm­ing. I don’t think I will be par­ti­san. I don’t think you’re par­ti­san […]

Julia Gillard’s report card

The promi­nence in this ABC Opin­ion Poll of words such as “dis­ap­point­ing” and “incom­pe­tent” must hurt. Peo­ple who use the word “liar”, how­ev­er, often have a pret­ty poor under­stand­ing of polit­i­cal agen­das and cer­tain­ly have too lit­tle respect for the dig­ni­ty of the office—to use an old-fash­ioned term—which is some­thing that is owed to our […]

Growth in Africa

Few­er wars, less civ­il strife, bet­ter con­trol of dis­ease and famine have made way for an eco­nom­ic rebound on the African con­ti­nent based on the resur­gence of a huge con­sumer mar­ket. Africa has Chi­­na-scale demo­graph­ics. Today, there are more than 500 mil­lion peo­ple of work­ing age on the con­ti­nent. By 2040, their num­ber is pro­ject­ed […]

Fiscal arrogance

The Prime Minister’s assur­ance that her use­less tax will bring a per­ma­nent infla­tion of prices may be right. But I’m aston­ished to see her use this as advo­ca­cy; the arro­gance of this state­ment sug­gests she has lost touch with the con­cerns of the “bat­tlers” her par­ty claims to rep­re­sent. “She warned that while Mr Abbott […]

End of the greenhouse panic?

It may be time to count our “green­house” blessings…or move to a warmer cli­mate. if sci­ence real­ly does guide the Gillard gov­ern­ment on emis­sions abate­ment and jus­ti­fy the costs of their pro­posed tax, new reports sug­gest the need to pause and re-assess. Reports all over the web (NASA, Nation­al Geo­graph­ic, point to an Amer­i­can […]