Monthly Archives: August 2011

Manufacturing dissent

United States manufacturers, like their Australian counterparts, are indulging some hyperbolic alarm about their future, but for different reasons. U.S. economic growth seems too anaemic to support demand in the sector; Australia’s economic growth seem to be bypassing it. Still, this self-interested plea in the NYT from a director of GE for public subsidies (“innovation […]

The canker in quarantine policies

No, it’s not the bitter reaction from the apple and pear lobby to the end of our century-long ban on apple imports from NZ. What else could we expect: thanks to the price (and quality) protection afford by the ban, uncompetitive producers in those industries have been ripping-off the consumer so long we could hardly […]

Economic benefits of longevity

The Wall St Journal carries an article by Sonia Arrison on the potential for, and benefits of, greater longevity. Her conclusions are similar to those I proposed in a recent article in Policy on The New Future of Old Age: The world’s advanced societies are finally in a position to launch a true offensive against […]

Abbott’s foreign investment policy

This is the sentence that makes me feel most uncomfortable: Voters are likely to be less hostile to foreign investment if they think that the government is preserving a well-balanced economy.Extract from We are pledged to real reform | The Australian Most of the Abbott statements about manufacturing assistance, transaction costs and “economic diversity” that […]

Eminent call-girls

Aaargh! Yet another knee-jerk call in the Financial Times for “wise” men (and women) to guide WTO out of it’s slough. Third, in lieu of the WTO ministerial, a group of eminent people should be appointed with the task finding a way out of the current doldrums and outlining future courses of action. The head […]

The foreign buck stops here

Why does the Australian government create investment hurdles at the “border” for foreigners who want to put their money into the growth of our economy? It’s madness, when you look at where the money goes: The work we have done internally says that, over the past decade, for every dollar of extra revenue we have […]

Strategic stupidity in Afghanistan

I ask myself, what the real motive of our military adventure in Afghanistan could be, because nothing in the wretched history of U.S. (“Western”) military intervention, nor centuries of Afghan history, nor observation, much less common sense gives any support to these claims of impending “victory”: Australian Defence Force Joint Operations Command head Lieutenant General […]