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The unanswered question about 9–11

Robert Fisk is such a reward­ing his­to­rian of inter­na­tional pol­icy because his con­tacts are so broad and his expe­ri­ence is so long and because he writes so clearly, pas­sion­ately and thought­fully about the per­sis­tent fail­ures of West­ern policy—and humanity—in the Mid­dle East. There, the UK, France and the United States directly or through their occasional […]

That High Court decision

The Prime Min­is­ter is “deeply dis­ap­pointed” with the deci­sion on the plan to send Christ­mas Island arrivals to Malaysia. Under­stand­able; it’s not a good look for her gov­ern­ment. But is Paul Kelly in the Aus­tralian right to argue that the deci­sion was ill-made and an “unjus­ti­fied” inter­fer­ence in for­eign pol­icy? This is cer­tainly an “intrusive” […]