Monthly Archives: December 2011

A miracle on Lake Léman?

Geoff Kitney in today’s AFR wants you to believe Mark Emerson has “rescued the Doha round of trade negotiations from collapse” by convincing all other Members to adopt his/Julia’s plan to “keep the talks alive”. Contrast that breathless dispatch with this from Reuters: “WTO Meeting Ends with No Move Forward on Doha”. Or how about […]

WTO Whimpers

This weekend’s WTO Ministerial meeting in Geneva was unable to agree on how to keep goods and services markets open to trade and competition. That’s no surprise, after ten years of repeated failure to agree. Nor is it a catastrophe given that formal barriers are being held in check (more or less), for now, despite […]

The mildness of global warming

I don’t doubt any more than you do that the average atmospheric temperature has jumped around a lot but overall has risen a few tenths of a degree in the past century or so. But when you see the change in context there’s just no basis for alarm, or for Australia to endorse the IPCC’s […]

Irresitsible engines

Glen Steven’s questions, in his inaugural Warren Hogan lecture, about the expectation of emerging Asia — that they will assume a prominent role shaping and directing the global financial system — and about the readiness of the West to cede that role to them have been tested in the WTO. So far, they remain unanswered […]