A few days in Hong Kong

I will be speaking at an “academic conference”:http://www.ictsd.org/ministerial/hongkong/tds/agenda/ in Hong Kong on Friday at the invitation of Prof Henry Gao at Hong Kong University. My talk will be based on “WTO: The First Ten Years”:http://www.inquit.com/wto-the-first-ten-years which appeared a week or so back. It will be good to catch up with many friends who will also be in Hong Kong but—alas—there is no reason to disagree much with this skeptical assessment from The Economist of the state of the Doha negotiations at the beginning of the Ministerial meeting I don’t agree with the authors about the emphasis … but that’s a quibble in view of the broader malaise facing the negotiations: bq. “The Doha round has always been very unlikely to end in fully free trade. Yet even by more modest standards, it has ended up with the wrong emphasis. Worse, it has been plagued by a lack of ambition on the part of the poor as much as the rich.”(“Economist.com”:http://www.economist.com/agenda/displayStory.cfm?story_id=5297986&fsrc=RSS) PS. For any readers of this website who are in Hong Kong and would like to catch up, I am staying at the Ramada Hong Kong. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Or, if you know my Australian mobile phone number, that should work too.

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