A miracle on Lake Léman?

Geoff Kitney in today’s AFR wants you to believe Mark Emerson has “rescued the Doha round of trade negotiations from collapse” by convincing all other Members to adopt his/Julia’s plan to “keep the talks alive”.

Contrast that breathless dispatch with this from Reuters: “WTO Meeting Ends with No Move Forward on Doha”. Or how about this from the Indian Business Standard newspaper

On the work ahead, while a number of ministers emphasised their openness to different negotiating approaches, some expressed strong reservations about plurilateral approaches. Many members —according to Lamy — stressed that any different approaches in the work ahead should conform to the Doha mandate, respect the single undertaking, and be truly multilateral, transparent and inclusive.

Hmmm… The AFR must have noticed a miracle that escaped the notice of everyone else.

Time will tell, but my money’s on the observation by the Chairman of the talks who said there were “significantly different perspectives on the possible results that Members can achieve in certain areas [of the allegedly undead negotiations].”

Looks like Alan Beattie in the Financial Times agrees with me.

The WTO itself is being extraordinarily coy. No sign yet of the Meeting Chairman’s statement on their website, a day later.

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