Agricultural incentives database

The web-interface provides two ways to access Kym’s and Ernesto’s data. One form produces tables of key variables (nominal rates of assistance, consumer tax equivalents, producer prices, output volume etc) by product, country, region or date (or any combination of these four). You can then download either the data for the ten fields displayed in the on-line report or the data for all 81 fields for the product/country/region/date displayed. The data is in “.csv” (comma-separated value) format that can be read by any spreadsheet.

To give you a better idea of what you might find, here are some (random) examples :

  • The history of support to (or taxation of) jute in Bangladesh from 1975 to 2005; or,
  • The output and apparent consumption of wheat in Brazil since the formation of the Mercosur customs union; or,
  • The producer price of milk in Canada and the consumer tax equivalent of milk supports; or,
  • The nominal rate of assistance to the production of eggs in the countries of the Europe and Central Asian region between 1981 and 1991.

The second form of the web-report is graphic. In this report, for any combination of country, date and product (‘date’ is optional), you’ll see graphic displays of the estimated Consumer Tax Equivalent, Nominal Rates of Assistance, Volume of Production, Apparent Consumption, Value of Production, and the undistorted Farm-Gate price. Again, you can download the data for these fields or for all fields from the graphs page.

The tabular form of the report is available here. The graphic form of the report is here.

I hope that these utilities make the data from this terrific project more accessible. If you have a problem with the interface (or you like it or hate it), please let me know. Contact details are on the web page. I’d like to thank Kym and Ernesto for allowing me to do this to their data and, of course, own to responsibility for the presentation.

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