Auto rip multiple audio CDs in OS X

I’ve written a short script for Mac OS X that will help you to automate the wonderful XLD (‘X Lossless Decoder’) to rip CD-after-CD. Get it here.

This script has only one advantage over XLD’s own ‘automatic rip’ (see the “CD Rip” tab of XLD preferences): it requires no interaction. On ‘automatic’, XLD requires you to choose among alternative disc titles, if found in the CD database and to manually dismiss the log-file window at the end of each rip. But with AustomateXLD, you don’t need any interaction at all, except to load the CDs. It’s a hands-off procedure.

Oops! It turns out that XLD’s preferences (the ‘CDDB’ tab) allow you to avoid the prompts for multiple CD Database candidates. You don’t need the “AutomateXLD” script at all!

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