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Framing jpeg images for Flickr

This is an Applescript I wrote a couple of years ago to resize and frame Jpeg images exported from Photoshop (for example) for Flickr. The script relies on the ‘convert’ utility from the ImageMagick ( library. It puts a [black] frame around the outside of the image, after resizing the image to a maximum of […]

Save PDF annotations to a notes file

If you are a researcher then you probably annotate PDFs of papers and other stuff. If, like me, you work in the Apple/OSX environment you may be using Skim to read and annotate. Skim allows you to save the annotations in their own ‘sidecar’ file format and to copy/paste the text of the annotations. But […]

Draft history of ICC: final chapters

Last year, I completed the manuscript of a centennial history of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). It’s a long work: 400 pages, more or less. It will be only the second history of this remarkable institution. The first was published in 1938. ICC commissioned the history in 2013, but has recently decided to wait […]

Editing Scrivener ‘Sync’ files

Do you use Scrivener? If so, and you’d like to edit your Scrivener files on another platform such as your iPad, I may have something that will help. I’ve made some ‘bundles’ and themes for the TextMate editor and the Textastic editor on the iPad that display inline annotations, comments and block-quotes in the text. […]

If you need a word …

A combined Keyboard Maestro and OSX Automator action to access Princeton’s “WordNet” database. WordNet is a remarkable semantic network of words: not exactly a thesaurus but nonetheless great for hunting down the word you need. Select a word in any Mac application, hit the keyboard trigger you select and the macros pop-up a window with […]

Statistics for (non-mathematical) trade analysts

I teach a ‘summer intensive’ graduate course in Trade Research Methods at the University of Adelaide. In five days we cover everything from the role of evidence in public policy to how to write a report that your boss will read (and even understand). Most of my students have no formal training in statistics (or […]

Is it time for WTO 2.0?

Richard Baldwin, whose writing I like and whose scholarship I respect, thinks so. But I disagree for reasons I spell out (after summarizing RB’s argument) in my paper that you can download here In brief: if we could really do what needs to be done in a WTO 2.0, then we wouldn’t need WTO 2.0 […]