China and WTO presentation

A “presentation(link to PDF file: 480kb)”: I gave a couple of weeks ago to the Australia-China Business Council reviewing some of the challenges facing China in the WTO.

First page of my presentation on China and WTO

China’s trade liberalization began some time before it’s WTO accession. The adjustment presssures China faces are due to growth (not necessarily trade). We all lose from the anti-dumping mania that has made China is the primary ‘target of choice’ for anti-dumping measures—thanks in part to its terms of accession. China wants the benefits of ‘globalization’ but mistrusts and hampers freedom of information: it can’t have one without the other. Greater freedom of information is also essential to the rule of law, which Chinas new WTO obligations in part assume. China’s business community needs to play a larger role in open advocacy on trade

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