Countries in the SPS Barrier database

There are about 8,000 records in the database: about 4,000 containing SPS (‘health’)barrrier notifications and a similar number containing TBT (‘technical’)barrier notifications. Ninety countries notified SPS barriers between 1999 and the third quarter of 2005. Over the fold, there’s a list ofthese countries, with links into the country-records in the database… If you are logged-in (and registered … it’s free) you will find a list of countries below. Click on a name to see a new window with the first of the record for that country from the SPS database. Use the ‘List’ tab to see all of the records at once in a ‘spreadsheet’ format.[1]

fn1. Strictly speaking the WTO members notifiying the barriers are not all ‘countries’: Hong Kong and Taiwan are not considered ‘countries’ although they are full WTO members.

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