Deceptive climate headline

Professor Mike Hulme of East Anglia University who attended the conference and chaired one of the sessions explains.

The six key messages are not the collective voice of 2,500 researchers, nor are they the voice of established bodies such as the World Meteorological Organisation. Neither are they the messages arising from a collective endeavour of experts, for example through a considered process of screening, synthesizing and reviewing of the knowledge presented in Copenhagen this week. They are instead a set of messages drafted largely before the conference started by the organizing committee, sifting through research that they see emerging around the world and interpreting it for a political audience.” Extract from a Professor Mike Hulme (emphasis added)

As usual, there is some lazy, unprofessional journalism behind these reports. An ‘alarming’ press-release? “OK, print it!” Had the journalists been bothered to check the conference website they would have seen the ridiculous disclaimer at the bottom of the ‘Key Messages’ release that should have altered them to the baseless claims.

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