Obama: don’t tread on me

I didn’t just start criticizing unfair trade deals like NAFTA because I started running for office – I’m doing it because I’ve seen what happens to a community when the factory closes down and the jobs move overseas. (Barack Obama)

Of course it’s a complete myth that workers get better-paid, higher-skilled, more secure jobs as a result of opening to trade. Just look at the miserable result of the Chinese experiment since the 1980s. Will they ever catch up with Cuba?

< end of ponderous irony/>

Barack Obama says he will reward businesses that hold on to the ‘good’ jobs—that is, the jobs that the US worker had yesterday—a policy that can only make the United States poorer. He’s promising to give tax breaks to so-called Patriot Employers that turn their firms into industrial museums to keep the US workers at the same old jobs. Telephone repairmen, spot welders, ticket writers, saddlers, tabulators …

If you could take any of this seriously it’s a program to create a North Korea north of the Rio Grande.

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