E-book on global trade advocacy

My business is trade advocacy; on behalf of my clients and as the focus of work I do with business groups in Australia and around the world—especially in Asia. Now, I’ve written a book about it. It’s aimed at managers and Association execs who already have enough to read. Its a snappy, on-line guide to the why, how and with-whom of getting best value out of the global trading system, with a few surprises thrown in …  Advocacy means getting valuable results from the global trading system by seeking support, first, from your own government and then from other businesses, associations and governments world-wide. The first surprise for many readers will be that globalization of markets doesn’t mean diminished trade barriers; it changes the location of trade barriers, bringing multiple borders inside the production chain for most businesses. In this environment, trading system know-how has become an essential management skill A second surprise for many readers will be the success of even small businesses in developing economies in achieving valuable changes in the trading system as it affects them. If they can do it … A third surprise is how big the advocacy payoffs are. They’re much bigger than the returns from the typical lobbying effort—even if they have to be shared—and pose much lower financial and political risks. Please take a look at the “sample pages”:http://www.inquit.com/images/oldpix/Ebook-GlobalTradeAdvocate/ or “download”:http://www.inquit.com/assets/public/TradeAdvocateSample.pdf them in PDF format (880k). Please “let me know”:http://www.petergallagher.com.au/contact what you think of the sample and, of course, if you’d be interested in buying a copy of the book when it is published on-line later this month.

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