Energy and security

meta-creation_date: 23 December, 2003
Jeffrey Sachs “argues”: in the Financial Times [subscription] that US middle east policies are distorted by erroneous cacluations of US energy vulnerability. bq. “… his [Vice-President Cheney’s] long-standing vision of using military might to secure US energy needs has been as erroneous as his assumptions about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. At the root of his approach has been the arithmetic of global oil supplies.” Cheney makes two mistakes, according to Sachs # He equates energy security with petroleum access. The former is not threatened if alternate sources of energy, including alternate sources of hydrocarbons, are developed
# He wrongly assumes—in the face of decades of evidence of disatrous US intereventions in the Middle East, some directed by Mr Cheney [Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq ]—that security can be won by US military garrisons

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