Fewer new anti-dumping cases

The WTO reports a 30 percent fall in the number of anti-dumping investigations launched by Members in the second half of 2003, compared to the corrresponding period in 2002. bq. 14 Members initiated 115 anti-dumping investigations against exports from a total of 30 different countries or customs territories … 46 of the 115 initiations during the second semester of 2003 were reported by developed countries (“wto”:http://www.wto.org/english/news_e/pres04_e/pr374_e.htm) In other words, developing countries continue to dominate the anti-dumping list, lauching 60 percent of investigations. The fall in the number of cases is not, after all, a surprise. The numbers go up and down (within a rising trend) because dumping is cyclical: a rational, competitive strategy that most firms use to cope with variations in the business cylce. There’s likely to be less of it about as the global economy climbs out of a trough in activity as revealed in [[tradeGrowth2003 this picture]]. The WTO press release contains more detail on the latest data including the continued targetting of China’s exports and most activity in the Chemicals sector.

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