Fisheries “dumping” cases

Two years ago the Vietnamese catfish industry fought strongly (but lost) against a US anti-dumping duty on exports of their native catfish. Now the US shrimp industry is “accusing”: Vietnam and other suppliers of dumping shrimp. bq. The Southern Shrimp Alliance asked the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission to impose tariffs of up to 267 percent on surging imports of America’s favorite seafood from Thailand, China, Brazil, Vietnam, India and Ecuador. According to the “BBC report”: … bq. …the shrimp market in the US is worth a lot more [than the catfish market]. Vietnam sells about $500m worth of shrimp to the American market, compared to less than $60m in catfish. But this time Hanoi will not be fighting its giant trade partner alone. Thailand and India are also major US suppliers and there is already talk of a coalition. There have been a string of South East Asian cases against US fish industry protection in the past decade or so (including the ‘Shrimp-Turtle’ case which is still making waves). This one is likely to be worth watching. Industry sources believe that it has been prompted by South East Asian suppliers switching exports from Europe and Japan following the imposition of a variety of ‘health’ barriers in those markets related to the use of antibiotics in farmed shrimp.

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