Framing jpeg images for Flickr

This is an Applescript I wrote a couple of years ago to resize and frame Jpeg images exported from Photoshop (for example) for Flickr.

The script relies on the ‘convert’ utility from the ImageMagick ( library. It puts a [black] frame around the outside of the image, after resizing the image to a maximum of 1600px on the longest side. The frame displays an arbitrary string at the top left corner (e.g. for copyright).

The script will embed an sRGB ICC-profile in the resized Jpeg. I use ProPhoto for my Photoshop working space. But this is a much wider gamut than most monitors will display. Most web browsers will distort colors using that, much-wider, color gamut. So it is better to specify a recent version of the sRGB profile for the image. You can find sRGB color profiles here at the ICC website.

Finally, the script sharpens the resized image just a little and saves it as a renamed image in the same directory as the original.

I hope you find it useful. The script includes instructions, including on the best way to install ImageMagick.

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