Germany does “its fair share”

Cost Of Generating Electricity

Ross Garnaut thinks Australia is dragging the chain and must cut its “fair share” of global carbon-emissions. Here’s a pretty clear indication of the priority that the German government places on cutting carbon emissions…or not!

“[Angela Merkel’s decision to close]… nuclear plants will also exacerbate global warming because the share of electricity generated from fossil fuels will rise from 61 to 70 per cent, and because energy-intensive businesses will move to countries where electricity is cheaper and dirtier.” Extract from The Australian

Germany is not alone in its determination to eliminate emissions-free nuclear production. Switzerland has decided to go down the same path. Italy has put a stop to further development.

Folly? Certainly, since nuclear is by far the lowest cost source of base-load power if carbon-emissions are priced into the costs of power production (see the estimate in the chart from the Royal Academy of Engineering). Electricity from the lowest cost “renewable” source is more than twice the cost per KWh of nuclear and more expensive than power from any of the carbon-emitting fuels, even when these are taxed at a high rate. No wonder then, that German utilities are planning for a gas-fired future and for growing, not falling, emissions.

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