Hanoi visit

meta-creation_date: 27 April, 2004

A picture of the old citadel of Hanoi
Original of the “Towers of Hanoi(from the dictionary of data structures and algorithms)”:http://www.nist.gov/dads/HTML/towersOfHanoi.html problem

I’m in Hanoi for a few days to work on a project with the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development. We’re devising a ‘roadmap’ for the integration of Vietnam’s agricultural policies into the global trading system defined for Vietnam by WTO—which it plans to join soon—the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and its bilateral agreement with the USA. It’s always a pleasure to come here (for the food if nothing else), but the traffic gets more alarming every time. I dread the day—surely coming soon—when the citizens of Hanoi exchange their motor cycles for cars (as they swapped pushbikes for Hondas in the past decade or so). Pedestrianism will become still more hazardous, I suppose, but the irregular streets of the older parts of the city and the remaining tree-lined avenues will be in even greater danger.

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