How to improve trade with China

Four ‘to do’ items listed by a top official of China’s trade and investment promotion agency for a visiting US delegation. Competitors take note. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) promotes trade and investment in both directions. It’s “website”: is an essential port of call for anyone looking for the official news, data and reports on trade and financial affairs in China. CCPIT’s Vice President recently gave a visiting US delegation four tips on how to improve bilateral trade and investment that may hold lessons for others, too (chinglish follows) bq. Yu says visa has become a serious hindrance for prompting the Sino-US trade, because a lot of management personnel and leaders of Chinese companies will not go to the US very often for business due to the fingerprint practice.

The US has not done enough work to push its export to China. The US government ought to promote export to China by using more resources.

The US has not done sufficient work in inviting investment from China. The US actually has demands to attract investment and there are some Chinese companies that are interested to invest in the US. Both China and the US should work together in this area.

The SMEs in the two countries need to strengthen cooperation. The SMEs needs assistance from all areas because they lack resources. However, individuals, governmental departments or trade associations are not likely to provide SMEs with comprehensive services. Both China and the US need to work together in this regard. (“Peoples Daily”:

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