Julia Gillard’s report card

ABC Opinion Poll Results

The prominence in this ABC Opinion Poll of words such as “disappointing” and “incompetent” must hurt.

People who use the word “liar”, however, often have a pretty poor understanding of political agendas and certainly have too little respect for the dignity of the office—to use an old-fashioned term—which is something that is owed to our nation whether or not it seems deserved by the occupant of the Lodge.

The the composition of this self-selected group must attract the attention of Labor party managers: just under half identify as Coalition voters. The current Newspoll puts the two-party-preferred Coalition vote (admittedly on an “intend to vote” basis) at 55% of the electorate. So the skewness of the sample in this poll seems much less pronounced than the negative bias of the assessments.

“Of those who responded via this page, 49 per cent identified themselves as Coalition voters, 18 per cent identified themselves as Labor voters, 18 per cent identified themselves as Greens voters and 12 per cent identified themselves as voting for ‘others’.” Extract from ABC News – PM Julia Gillard’s first year, in your words

On balance, however, this is a bit of a gimmick. We have no idea from the image what weighting was attached to the results that gave the negative terms their prominence in the cluster and gave much less prominence to words such as “determined” or “gutsy”. There is not much data here.

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