Kling on regulation

meta-creation_date: 3 November, 2003
An “essay(link to Arnold Kling’s site)”:http://arnoldkling.com/~arnoldsk/aimst5/powell.html on regulation, competition and market information by Arnold Kling that is a wonderful example of its kind. It’s brief, current and clarifies something that—although you may have little personal interest in US telecomms regulation—crystalizes notions you’ve sometimes entertained, but hadn’t articulated quite as well. An essay that expands your economic vocabulary. My one quibble: Kling calls Bush ‘mis-underestimated’. Does he mean that Bush should be more accurately underestimated? If so, I’m ready. Let’s hear it. Update: Ok. My American vocabulary is obviously pretty lousy. See AK’s explanation in the comment.

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