Long-term trends

What is surprising about this data reported in a story from theBrookings”>http://brook.edu/comm/news/20031001brown.htm”>Brookings Institution? Is it the ‘blip’ or the subsequent decline and steady rate? How is it that significant trends—in which we all participated—are sometimes so invisible? bq. “Gill and Schlossman trace homework time trends of the past fifty years, finding that the only substantial increases in homework for high-school students occurred in the decade after Sputnik, when the nation launched an academic excellence movement motivated by competition with the Soviet Union. Homework time subsequently declined to pre-Sputnik levels, and the excellence movement of the 1980s and 1990s that followed the publication of “A Nation at Risk” caused surprisingly small increases in homework.”

60 year trend in homework hours, redrawn from a chart in the Brookings story


p class=”posted”>[redrawn from the Brookings story]

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