Manoeuvres in textile negotiations

The surprise withdrawal of all Chinese export tariffs on textiles, just a day or so after dramatic increases were announced, suggests that the Chinese are now negotiating with themselves I “thought”: the Chinese move was clever, and no more cynical than the policy of the U.S. and E.U. on garment imports. But … bq. “The government revoked the bulk of tariffs imposed on Jan. 1 and increases to those taxes announced on May 20, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement today. The ministry didn’t say why it removed the tariffs, which were imposed to control the industry after an end to global textiles quotas on Jan. 1. “This is a strong gesture from China to the U.S. and EU,” said Long Guoqiang, a senior trade researcher at the State Council Development and Research Center in Beijing.”(“ to this excerpt)”: But this looks like the sort of indecision brought about by internal confusion about whose hand holds which levers … and jerky knees.  There’s “apparently”: been some sort of confirmation of this in a China Daily editorial that acknowledges that ‘unilateral action’ (China’s?) is ‘not constructive’. There’s every reason to think we’ve seen only the opening moves in this game.

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