No need, no gain, no glory

Only nine years late, we are to have a Parliamentary debate about our involvement in the Afghan conflict! What has bought our leaders to consider, at last, owning up to their duty to explain their policies which have so far killed almost twenty Australians? They felt no such need during the election, so it can only be the confounding election results that have bought about this attack of transparency.

I agree with Brendan O’Neill: it really appears that both major political parties continue to endorse Australia’s participation in the bloody Afghan war to save face.

The war is widely considered un-winnable including by experienced military leaders; it is unnecessary for our security, and; far from ‘fighting terrorism’, the former head of the UK security agency MI-5 believes that it is consolidating islamic disaffection and radicalism.

Doesn’t everyone know (I’m sure Abbott and Gillard must know), after half a century of U.S.-led regional conflicts against ill-defined and even imaginary enemies, that just two or three years after we have withdrawn the only legacies of this war will be death, disability and the physical devastation of one of the poorest countries on earth?

It is intolerable that we should continue to send young Australians to be killed in such a pointless, ill-considered venture.

Let Gillard and Abbott in their statements to Parliament describe the better world that we and the the Afghans will enjoy after we limp from the field. Let them tell us why a probable triumph for the jihadism sustained by our invasion is a victory for peace and stability in Afghanistan or Australia. Let them explain why we should believe that, after raising the hundreds of millions of dollars (at least) needed to fund their guerilla on the back of bitter islamic resentment at the US/NATO/Australian attacks, the ‘insurgency’ will dissolve quietly, leaving us more secure.

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