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The proposed new Apple building in Cupertino

Fist thing that strikes me about the iFrisbeeTM is that it sets up an awful long distance between one division and another. The short routes are at best a longish chord or, at worst, a diameter. But even the shortest cut runs into the “landscaping”.

“Steve Jobs wants to build a new corporate campus in Cupertino, Calif., that will be dominated by a single “spaceship”-like building.” Extract from CNET News [video, worth watching, if only for S. Jobs’ anecdote about his call, at the age of 13, to the legendary Bill Hewlett]

Could this be an uncharacteristic (for Apple) triumph of form over function? In his presentation to the Cupertino Council (CNET video) Jobs boasts about Apple’s ability to make large bits of curved glass: as if that might have been an important design factor.

Seems to me that S. Jobs and his architects might profitably have reviewed this YouTube essay on the Motorway Problem. Yes, I know that sounds impossibly geeky, but it’s about soap bubbles. True! (Also, this bloke is a great presenter!)

But wait!…if you thought that was a bit weird, get this…

Not the proposed Cupertino office

Apple does actually have a “Frisbee” building already, in Korea! Why would I make this up? Here’s every detail you could possibly need.

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