Peter Mandelson is optimistic

A piece of (mostly) puffery from the Commissioner praising Europe as a ¬¥laboratory¬¥of trade liberalization (you didn¬¥t know?)and calling on middle income developing countries (read Brazil, India, Korea, Mexico, China) to make more concessions to match the EU. No news here. No progress either. bq. Why, then, are we moving with so many fits and starts towards December’s key WTO ministerial conference in Hong Kong? Because opening markets unleashes resistance to change – and because many countries still exhibit an unhealthy brinksmanship, looking for others to “pay” into the trade round before committing anything themselves to the table. If you want to find “resistence to change” on market access, look no further than the beam in your own eye, Commissioner. Look, for example, at “your own statements”: on garment imports last week.

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