Protectionists enjoy imports, too

The “Australian Survey of Social Attitudes”: has published a database of frequency tables for answers to their 2003 attitude survey on a variety of topics. The survey shows Australians to be (along with other tendencies) xenophobic about investment, apprehensive about foreign competiton for jobs and more than a little protectionist. But they are equally avid import consumers. I’m tempted to say: ‘no news there…’. WTO is influential, according to the survey. But not in a positive way, it seems. The rest of this post contains some pictures of the frequency tabulations (for which I did not find a copyright at the ASSDA site). I am endebted to “Andrew Norton”:’s story on attitudes to same-sex parenting for the link to this intriguing resource.

The [effect on your daily life of the] World Trade Organisation (WTO)
Value  Categories  N
  Great effect  235
  Some effect  955
  No effect  599
  Can’t choose  204
  Not asked  2183
  Skip  0
  Missing  94

Large international companies are doing more and more damage to local businesses in Australia
Value  Categories  N
  Strongly agree  700
  Agree  917
  Neither agree nor disagree  351
  Disagree  118
  Strongly disagree  10
  Can’t choose  66
  Not asked  2087
  Missing  21

Opening up Australia’s economy to foreign competition has a bad effect on job security in this country
Value  Categories  N
  Strongly agree  524
  Agree  1530
  Neither agree nor disagree  980
  Disagree  808
  Strongly disagree  109
  Can’t choose  234
  Not asked  0
  Skip  0
  Missing  85

Australia should limit the import of foreign products in order to protect its national economy
Value  Categories  N
  Strongly agree  525
  Agree  862
  Neither agree nor disagree  407
  Disagree  267
  Strongly disagree  37
  Can’t choose  44
  Not asked  2087
  Missing  41

Free trade leads to better products becoming available in Australia
Value  Categories  N
  Strongly agree  147
  Agree  896
  Neither agree nor disagree  607
  Disagree  322
  Strongly disagree  65
  Can’t choose  111
  Not asked  2087
  Missing  35

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