Public funding of junk ‘culture’

Frank Devine, who somehow survived a term on the Australia Council fund, “projects(link to Op-Ed piece in The Australian newspaper)”:,5744,8066200%5E7583,00.html a dismal future for the publicly funded movie ‘industry’ in Australia. bq. Project forward 15 years: that’s nearly $2 billion gone on making 90 new movies nobody will go to, since quality never improves in sheltered workshops. Probably they will be shown only in government cafeterias. Government subsidising of the arts has become Australia’s Vietnam-like quagmire. I suspect a lot of involuntary contributors to the public subsidies share his opinion of the output. At least, the box-office results tell that story. bq. As a result of so many crook, or not quite right, Australian movies getting a showing, the genre has acquired a bad name. I shun Australian movies as I do movies starring Eddie Murphy. Only vehement word of mouth moves me.

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