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Guide to Dispute Settlement
Peter Gallagher bq. This guide to bringing a case before the WTO,or responding to a case already in progress,is an easy-to-use book and an ideal starting-point for lawyers,business people,or government officials confronted with a disputable trade issue.It is sure to find a place in the working library of people everywhere concerned with international trade September 2002.  ISBN 90-411-9886-5
Paperback Price CHF 30
Can also be “ordered”: from Kluwer Law International (co-publisher). Guide to the WTO and Developing Countries
Peter Gallagher bq. Developing countries comprise two thirds off the WTO membership.In order to ensure equitable participation of these countries in the benefits of the global trading system,the GATT Uruguay Round Agreements that created the WTO accorded special and differential treatment to developing countries.The provisions are covered in the guide and include: market access,dispute settlement,trade policy reviews,foreign direct investment, environment and labour issues and technical assistance.The guide also includes case studies on how WTO members are making progress in working with the obligations and the benefits of the WTO Agreements. September 2000.  ISBN 90-411-9799-0 Order “here”:

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