Surprising popular support for an FTAA

“Trade raises incomes”: no news. But “… most people seem to realize that”: big surprise! The “Pew Research Center(link to Pew results on their site)”: says that in 2002 we could have bet on a majority of ‘pro-free-trade’ opinion among both developed and developing country voters. bq. Overwhelming majorities in all 10 countries told Pew in 2002 that growing trade and business ties were very or somewhat good for their country, and similarly strong majorities felt that such commercial globalization was good for them and their families. Canada and Mexico, two countries with free trade agreements with the United States, are among the most enthusiastic in the region about trade. More than three-quarters in Canada and Mexico said growing trade was good for their countries (86%, 79% respectively) and comparable percentages said it was good for them and their families (87% Canada, 76% Mexico).

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