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Trade policy in the Pacific

Image of Pacific trip

I’ll be away from home-base in Melbourne for the next couple of weeks, working on the design of a trade ‘capacity building’ program for non-government organizations (business and non-business, unions, universities) and individuals in Pacific Islands.

A long way to travel and dozens of people to meet and consult. Posting will be… light.

Global Trade Advocate

download a copy of Global Trade Advocate (pdf:2.2mb)”>Global Trade Advocate is Inquit’s guide to advocacy on behalf of the global trading interests of your business or industry association. It shows you how to go about defining your interests in the trading system, how to analyze the opportunities, how to build support for your goals in the trading system and—most important—how to identify and persuade the decision-makers.

GTA contains examples of firms and associations that have achieved benefits a thousand-times greater than their investments in pursuit of their interests in breaking down barriers to trade or winning a fairer deal from the system. 

Allan Beattie, World Trade Editor for the Financial Times of London says:

“Mr Gallagher’s advice is valuable … the rewards can be huge … the case for business to pay attention to trading rules is compelling.”

Hugh Morgan AO, former Chairman of the Business Council of Australia says:

“Great assistance to business, media and educational undertakings in gaining a grounding in the International Trade activities that provide such a significant part of the institutional framework.

Andrew Stoler, former Deputy Director-General of WTO says:

“An excellent practical guide through the often confused maze of trade negotiations and agreements.  Peter Gallagher’s expert counsel is exactly what a businessperson needs to convert policy opportunities into dollars and cents.”

Consultation on trade

A paper commissioned from Inquit by the UN International Trade Center reviewing mechanisms for public-private dialog on trade in eight different economies.

Review of “Global Trade Advocate” in FT

Alan Beattie, the World Trade Editor for the Financial Times has reviewed Global Trade Advocate. Here’s a link to the non-subscription page version of the review (also over the fold). To make it easier for you to see what Alan is talking about when he mentions the ‘huge rewards’ from trade advocacy described in GTA, […]

A survey of business consultations on trade

Would you like to help me test a survey of businesses or NGOs that consult with governments on trade issues? I’ve been asked to create a survey for an Asian region group to help build a better ‘baseline’ dataset on the breadth, frequency and content of business-government and NGO-government exchanges on national participation in the […]

The thunderer lets fly

The NY Times blasts trans-Atlantic trade policies: “Listening to these two [EU and USA] economic powerhouses snipe about who should be doing what is revolting; neither is doing anything real.” The paper is right, of course: the agricultural support and protection policies of the EC, Japan and the USA—not to mention India (the editorial doesn’t)—are […]

The ‘swoosh’ of trade policy

The Globalization Insitute, a newly-minted, self-described ‘Cobdenite’ group in London has published it’s second paper in which Dr Razeen Sally—described, by the Institute’s publicist, as “Europe’s most senior trade economist”—presents his prescriptions for “the future of trade, development and international institutions”. Just do it is Dr Sally’s recommendation to governments on trade liberalization; an unfortunately […]