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Zoellick on China’s choices

A discursive account by Greg Sheridan in The Australian of a conversation with World Bank President Robert Zoellick on, among other things, China’s development conundrum and the growth of emerging economies as an antidote to pessimism. Zoellick has a team of World Bank economists working closely with the Chinese leadership to help them move on […]

Learning to love the Boom

Sensation sells, of course (“Salut DSK!“). Today’s Australian carries a gloom-laden account of Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson’s address to the Melbourne Institute’s Economic and Social Outlook conference about structural challenges posed by the minerals boom. But newspapers have been slower to pick up on two other talks at the same conference that I found still […]

Where in the world is “Watson”?

Where else? “But let’s get down to the clue level: What’s the most common answer on Jeopardy? That would be ‘What is Australia?’ That response appears in J-Archive 208 times, out of 197,736 total answers—to clues as diverse as ‘In terms of rainfall, it’s the driest continent after Antarctica’ and ‘The overarm ‘crawl’ swimming stroke […]

Micro reform is urgent

Dr Gary Banks, Chairman of the Productivity Commission (address to the Annual Forecasting Conference of the Australian Business Economists in Sydney on 8 December 2010). Emphasis added. Attempts to counter structural pressures by either hobbling the mining sector or (further) assisting manufacturing, could only detract from Australia’s longer term productivity performance and living standards. Indeed, […]