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Flying bind

Qantas—the airline that will soon call Singapore home (?)—says consumers will foot the entire bill for the un-compensated tax on aviation fuel. The airline has a better chance to offset the other threat it faces from a European airlines tax. The European emissions permit market is today offering a tonne of carbon at a little […]

Border adjustment tax invites retaliation

I know of no decision on whether the Australian government will include a border-adjustment tax in it’s implementation of a carbon-emissions tax. There seem to be differences in the Gillard cabinet over this point. But the reported Chinese reaction to the EU’s airline tax is ominous. “Mr Enders [Chief Executive of Airbus] told Ms Hedegaard […]

EU tax on airline CO2 emissions

The EU has been threatening since at least 2007 to impose an emissions tax on all airlines landing in Europe. They’ve postponed the tax at least once (to 2012) and may be forced by the strong opposition of the international airlines “club” (IATA) and foreign governments—not to mention by the doubts of the EU Commission […]