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Irresitsible engines

Glen Steven’s questions, in his inaugural Warren Hogan lecture, about the expectation of emerging Asia — that they will assume a prominent role shaping and directing the global financial system — and about the readiness of the West to cede that role to them have been tested in the WTO. So far, they remain unanswered […]

Zoellick on China’s choices

A discursive account by Greg Sheridan in The Australian of a conversation with World Bank President Robert Zoellick on, among other things, China’s development conundrum and the growth of emerging economies as an antidote to pessimism. Zoellick has a team of World Bank economists working closely with the Chinese leadership to help them move on […]

China faces an historic choice

Their customers’ economies teetering on the edge of what may be a prolonged period of low-growth signals that the time has arrived for China to accelerate a long-forseen transition in its own growth strategy; from export-demand driven to domestic-demand driven. But can the Beijing leadership do it? Now? Does it have the policy flexibility that […]

Australian apples and Chinese kumquats

In his 2011 Update of his Climate Change review report, Ross Garnaut makes much of China’s commitments to cutting the carbon intensity of its production which he suggests should motivate Australia to “do its fair share” to cut global carbon-dioxide emissions. But should it? RG says China is well down the track: “pleasantly surprised” by […]

Australia’s trade outlook is strong

By 2030 China, especially, dramatically increases its share of world imports of agriculture, fossil fuels and services, according to the World Bank’s modelling Note, too, the projected share of low and middle-income economies in world trade in 2030: up from a third to a half.