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Irresitsible engines

Glen Steven’s ques­tions, in his inau­gur­al War­ren Hogan lec­ture, about the expec­ta­tion of emerg­ing Asia — that they will assume a promi­nent role shap­ing and direct­ing the glob­al finan­cial sys­tem — and about the readi­ness of the West to cede that role to them have been test­ed in the WTO. So far, they remain unan­swered […]

Zoellick on China’s choices

A dis­cur­sive account by Greg Sheri­dan in The Aus­tralian of a con­ver­sa­tion with World Bank Pres­i­dent Robert Zoel­lick on, among oth­er things, China’s devel­op­ment conun­drum and the growth of emerg­ing economies as an anti­dote to pes­simism. Zoel­lick has a team of World Bank econ­o­mists work­ing close­ly with the Chi­nese lead­er­ship to help them move on […]

China faces an historic choice

Their cus­tomers’ economies tee­ter­ing on the edge of what may be a pro­longed peri­od of low-growth sig­nals that the time has arrived for Chi­na to accel­er­ate a long-forseen tran­si­tion in its own growth strat­e­gy; from export-demand dri­ven to domes­tic-demand dri­ven. But can the Bei­jing lead­er­ship do it? Now? Does it have the pol­i­cy flex­i­bil­i­ty that […]

Australian apples and Chinese kumquats

In his 2011 Update of his Cli­mate Change review report, Ross Gar­naut makes much of China’s com­mit­ments to cut­ting the car­bon inten­si­ty of its pro­duc­tion which he sug­gests should moti­vate Aus­tralia to “do its fair share” to cut glob­al car­bon-diox­ide emis­sions. But should it? RG says Chi­na is well down the track: “pleas­ant­ly sur­prised” by […]

Australia’s trade outlook is strong

By 2030 Chi­na, espe­cial­ly, dra­mat­i­cal­ly increas­es its share of world imports of agri­cul­ture, fos­sil fuels and ser­vices, accord­ing to the World Bank’s mod­el­ling Note, too, the pro­ject­ed share of low and mid­­dle-income economies in world trade in 2030: up from a third to a half.