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New IPCC economic models

An article from Forbes Magazine on the IPCC’s latest “socio-economic modelling” of emission and growth scenarios has attracted a lot of attention because it claims the IPCC now shows that… The highest economic growth model leads to the lowest level of emissions considered. Less economic growth leads to higher emissions. Extract from Forbes But the […]

Alarm or deny

How can it be that the same data on temperature trends and sea-levels supports such radically different agendas? Because the data, from time to time, does not strongly determine any way of looking at the world. This observation is as cogent today as it was when it first appeared; perhaps more so. The totality of […]

That’s exactly what “partisan” means

He reads, but can he speak English? “There are probably people now thinking I’m partisan for saying the science is in on climate change. Well, I don’t think that’s partisan. I think I can read English. And I think the evidence is overwhelming. I don’t think I will be partisan. I don’t think you’re partisan […]

One thousand ppm might be better

The Australian government is bent on enacting a carbon-emissions tax that has no responsible justification other than recently re-hashed advice designed to justify an emissions tax. Little wonder, then, that polling shows voters are strongly opposed to the tax, despite widespread their apparent conviction that the climate is warming and their acceptance that warming is […]

An eminent economist

“After a distinguished career that has seen significant contributions to public policy formulation through more than three decades, Garnaut finds himself, at 64, more pivotal than ever. As he grapples with his responsibility it is worth observing he lacks one quality also missing in every other economist: infallibility” Extract from “A brilliant career, but certainly […]

Climate debate and climate policy

Battles between orthodoxy and non-conformity are never won or lost. Only a naïve empiricist, or a religionist who confidently expects all to be made clear at the final trump—when the prizes are handed out, truth is consoled and error consumed by shame—could suppose otherwise. There will be no “killer blow” to either the alarmist or […]

A salty climate “bonbon”

Worried by Ross Garnaut’s claim in his revised review that sea levels are rising faster than even the U.N. predicted: “Rising sea levels will continue to increase the frequency and intensity of coastal flooding events during the 21st century. Observations indicate that therehas been a significant increase in the frequency of extreme high sea levels […]