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The new future of old age

I have a feature article on recent remarkable changes in the outlook for longevity in the current (Winter 2011) edition of Policy, the journal of the Centre for Independent Studies. The article sketches some recent advances in understanding and manipulating the epi-genetic roots of ageing, and draws attention to the potential economic value of coming […]

Growth in Africa

Fewer wars, less civil strife, better control of disease and famine have made way for an economic rebound on the African continent based on the resurgence of a huge consumer market. Africa has China-scale demographics. Today, there are more than 500 million people of working age on the continent. By 2040, their number is projected […]

Demography need not make Israel’s destiny

Clyde Prestowitz, speculating on the reason young Israelis are more pessimistic than young Egyptians. ” …the average GDP per capita is indeed high in Israel, but the bulk of the GDP goes to a thin slice or the richest portion of society. The gap between rich and poor in Israel is among the world’s highest. […]

The future of longevity

While there is so little activity on trade agreements or negotiations and only promises of innovation in trade policy, I’ve been paying closer attention to other things. Demography, of course, and in this case epidemiology. It took twenty thousand centuries for life-expectancy to double. But it grew by as much again in just one century […]