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The new future of old age

Growth in Africa

Few­er wars, less civ­il strife, bet­ter con­trol of dis­ease and famine have made way for an eco­nom­ic rebound on the African con­ti­nent based on the resur­gence of a huge con­sumer mar­ket. Africa has Chi­­na-scale demo­graph­ics. Today, there are more than 500 mil­lion peo­ple of work­ing age on the con­ti­nent. By 2040, their num­ber is pro­ject­ed […]

Demography need not make Israel’s destiny

Clyde Prestowitz, spec­u­lat­ing on the rea­son young Israelis are more pes­simistic than young Egyp­tians. ” …the aver­age GDP per capi­ta is indeed high in Israel, but the bulk of the GDP goes to a thin slice or the rich­est por­tion of soci­ety. The gap between rich and poor in Israel is among the world’s high­est. […]

The future of longevity

While there is so lit­tle activ­i­ty on trade agree­ments or nego­ti­a­tions and only promis­es of inno­va­tion in trade pol­i­cy, I’ve been pay­ing clos­er atten­tion to oth­er things. Demog­ra­phy, of course, and in this case epi­demi­ol­o­gy. It took twen­ty thou­sand cen­turies for life-expectan­­cy to dou­ble. But it grew by as much again in just one cen­tu­ry […]