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An encouraging Growth Report

Commission On Growth

I have had a chance only to skim the Introduction but I already like the Report from the Commission on Growth and Development. Its understanding of economic development testifies to the authors’ deep experience. Examine a developing economy sinking into poverty and you will usually find difficult circumstances (geography, demography, history) but also, in every case, government that is mediocre at best; often self-serving and unaccountable.

Successful cases share a further characteristic: an increasingly capable, credible, and committed government. Growth at such a quick pace, over such a long period, requires strong political leadership. Policy makers have to choose a growth strategy, communicate their goals to the public, and convince people that the future rewards are worth the effort, thrift, and economic upheaval. They will succeed only if their promises are credible and inclusive…

WTO and Developing Countries

here to open WTODC in a new window”>WTO and Developing Countries Cover page

The World Trade Organization has commissioned Inquit to write a number of publications. One of the first—in 1999—was “WTO and Developing Countries”, which described the impact on Developing Country members of the Uruguay Round Agreements and the provisions that the agreements made specifically for development.

Why market access matters to developing countries

Just before the September 2003 Cancún Ministerial Conference of WTO, the Australian National Farmers’ Federation commmissioned me to write a pamphlet for the Cairns’ Group Farm Leaders’ meeting on the importance of market access to developing country gains in the Doha Round of trade negotiations.

Although it’s now more than three years old, and the trade data is a little dated, the analysis still works. You can download a somewhat colorful printed version of the booklet from website of the Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation, who published the pamphlet for NFF.

WTO seen from the banks of the Zambezi

A great “report”:http://news.ft.com/cms/s/53fcfb32-65fe-11da-8f40-0000779e2340.html from Alan Beattie of the frustrations of Dipak Patel, the Zambian Minister for Trade, trying to manage the interests of a least-developed African economy in the global trading system Beattie’ report is full of accurately observed detail, not just about the sarcastic Patel’s desperate lack of resources but also about the hopelessly […]