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Nothing to see here

Is there any point in con­tin­u­ing to puz­zle over trade pol­i­cy and agree­ments? Do they real­ly make any dif­fer­ence to any­thing? It seems they’ve become too hard to put togeth­er; but does that mat­ter? Since about 2001, I’ve been writ­ing a weblog analysing inter­na­tion­al trade agree­ments, nation­al trade poli­cies and the post-WWII “sys­tem” of gov­ern­ment […]

Necromancy and negotiation

Some things, like kings, cru­ci­fied gods and Nor­we­gian par­rots nev­er die. The WTO’s Doha nego­ti­a­tion may be the lat­est can­di­date for myth­ic res­ur­rec­tion (I hope not). But for now, the elders of the church of mul­ti­lat­er­al­ism over at VoxEU.org are prepar­ing for a bur­ial ser­vice that they expect to take place at the WTO’s planned […]

Multilateral misalignment

Over at the Lowy Insti­tute, Michael Wes­ley has opened a debate on the mul­ti­lat­er­al­ism with a brief dys­pep­tic review, char­ac­ter­is­ing mul­ti­lat­er­al­ism as the “cop­per wire” tech­nol­o­gy of inter­na­tion­al rela­tions. Pro­fes­sor Nick Bis­ley from La Trobe joins the cho­rus and no doubt oth­ers will fol­low. I’ve been puz­zling about the short­com­ings of mul­ti­lat­er­al­ism for some time. […]

Apocalypse post-Doha?

I’ve been in the Mid­dle East and Europe and am just catch­ing up with a few things: such as the pam­phlet pro­duced by Simon Evenett, Richard Bald­win and a host of illus­tri­ous cheer­lead­ers for the WTO enti­tled: “Why World Lead­ers Must Resist the False Promise of Anoth­er Doha Delay” The col­lec­tion of brief essays—pris­es de […]

Let it go, Pascal

This week, in Gene­va “[WTO Direc­­tor-Gen­er­al Pas­cal] Lamy recent­ly out­lined the next steps in the process, spec­i­fy­ing that the chairs of the var­i­ous nego­ti­at­ing groups would table doc­u­ments — which sources indi­cate could be in the form of reports or new text, depend­ing on the top­ic — on 21 April for mem­bers to reflect on […]

The falling value of tariff bindings

The strongest argu­ment for com­plet­ing the WTO’s bare­ly endur­ing Doha round of trade nego­ti­a­tions is that it will fur­ther nar­row the legal right of WTO mem­bers to adopt high­er pro­tec­tive trade bar­ri­ers in the future. But that argu­ment doesn’t seem to sway any­one much: cer­tain­ly not busi­ness­es who have large­ly lost inter­est in the WTO’s […]

Huge gaps remain in WTO negotiations

Recent rounds of bilat­er­al talks between the USA and Chi­na on open­ing both farm and non-farm prod­uct mar­kets as part of WTO’s long-delayed Doha Round have been incon­clu­sive for very famil­iar rea­sons: “[U]nfortunately, what we learned con­firmed our worst fears — that we would see no new mar­ket access on our major agri­cul­tur­al export inter­ests” […]